Meet the Intern- Max Yuan

By Max Yuan - June 03, 2020

Meet Max Yuan, our Intern from Yale University  

My name is Max Yuan, and I am an undergraduate intern here at Golden Section Technology.  At Yale University, I am a rising sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics. Before interning at GST, my technical experience was limited to competitive programming and some basic web development. I never quite understood how a team of people could create complex applications used by millions of people every day. This is what drew me to GSTI wanted to gain a better understanding of the software development process at the corporate level—from idea to finished product. 

Although I have only been working at GST for a couple of weeks, it has already been a very fulfilling and insightful internship experience. My first task was to review the company’s software development best practices document, research the topics, and make revisions to improve it. Learning everything from database choices to automated quality assurance immediately has exposed me to all the different facets of software development. Now, the software development process no longer seems like magic to me – it's a science.  

My second major task has been writing technical blogs for GST Labs such as “Machine Learning and the Internet of Things. Writing from a technical standpoint has taught me not only how to research and understand complex topics, but also how to clearly explain those topics to anyone from any background. In our innovative and technological world, there are always new concepts that need to be simplified for the masses to understandcherish the opportunity GST has given me to improve my technical writing skills. 

Since starting this journey as an intern, I have been introduced to a variety of tools that help teams communicate effectively and maximize productivity. I am truly learning how effective communication can make a differenceWithin the software development process, there are many different roles and moving parts from coordinating a team to delivering high-quality software on time. Without a clear line of communication, this can be quite the challenge and even a bit confusingIt’s why workflow tools like Asana, Process Street, and Smartsheet are so crucial – they work well and make the job easierBecoming comfortable with these pieces of software allows me to seamlessly integrate into any company’s collaborative workflow in the future. 

In the coming months, I look forward to working closely with GST and its clients. Only three weeks in and it’s already been a valuable experienceThere is still so much to learn and appreciate about the world of software development. After this summer with GST, I am confident that I will be well on my way to a successful career in technology and perhaps even starting my own tech company. 


Author Summary:  

Max Yuan is an undergraduate intern here at GST. He is an avid competitive programmer with experience in robotics and web development as well. Max is a rising sophomore at Yale University studying computer science and economics and loves to play tennis and explore big cities with friends. 



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