Micro Blog: Growth Culture Series Week 1

By Adam Wells - September 07, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team embrace various aspects of culture for growing businesses.

Growth Culture: How to Train Your Employees to Become Active Learners

Your business, your company, your people, your growth: we've discussed how employee engagement is critical to effect business goals earlier this summer. 

The following article lays out a fantastic aggregation of accounts that encourage your people to become the best at their jobs, not only in output but also in work satisfaction through, in part, what Daniel Pink calls Autonomy, Master & Purpose.  

At GST we've instituted a sort of Book Club, where each employee shares a compelling book they've recently read that may have direct or indirect applicability to GST's mission in serving B2B SaaS companies.  

The benefit gained is the opportunity for our collective team to glean these insights at a rate that is unmatched and otherwise unachievable in isolation; this is all result from engaged and driven employees who are passionate about Maximizing Human Potential Through Technology.

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