Micro Blog: Growth Culture Series Week 2

By Adam Wells - September 14, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team embrace various aspects of culture for growing businesses.

Growth Culture: Diversity and Divergence

Diversity and divergence, in some sense are synonymous, but in growth culture, especially in companies driving hyper growth, one embodies risk and the other reward.  

Risk and reward don't always exist in a causal relationship.  In this case risk is the result of divergence, specifically the moving away from a growth plan that is intended to set the parameters that will underpin and drive growth.  

Reward, on the other hand, is the persistent condition of having diversity of perspectives, talents and backgrounds -- a multi-talented team that in fact converges on a desired outcome and work in concert towards achieving the ultimate goal.  

It is a widely held, though seemingly counter intuitive, notion that constraints actually foster creativity (a whole other subject for another day).  But in this case, the constraints are held within the growth plan with divergence dissuaded, and creativity is held by the diverse team.  

What constraints do you find critical to your company's growth?  How has your team responded with a creative posture to navigate these constraints?  

We'd love hear from you!


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