Micro Blog: Growth Culture Series Week 5

By Adam Wells - October 07, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team embrace various aspects of culture for growing businesses.

Growth Culture: Augmentation

Last week we touched on Division of Labor and how Bottlenecks are a good thing, in that they can reveal specific areas for needed augmentation.  

So...augmentation: whether short term contractor or long term hire, your goal will be the same: immediate & sustained high level of productivity.  

Whereas your goal may be the same from an output perspective, the two augmentation options are very different from an input perspective.  For the short term contractor, the inputs may be "just the facts." I.e. here are the management systems w/associated standard operating procedures, here is the project plan, here is your role including rights & responsibilities, here are the project parameters including timeline, quality & documentation.  

For the long term hire, the inputs will flow much more from what you've established as your Growth Culture.  So now we've come full-circle with you being able to leverage the Playbooks you've developed within the Growth Culture you've developed all informed by the Metrics you're tracking through KPIs.  

As always, we love hearing from you as to what you're experiencing as you drive growth for your company; please reach out below.

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