Micro Blog: Metric Series Week 2

By Adam Wells - June 29, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team value data driven decision-making.

Metric of the Week: Administrative Productivity 

When we say administrative productivity, we'll be talking specifically about HR, whose goal it is to maximize the productivity of an organization.  We feel the best way to accomplish this is through a People-Oriented Leadership style.  


If optimizing the effectiveness of your employees is the task, then it stands to reason that you'd like to understand the overall workplace wellness of your employees in general and have a familiarity with the status of their tasks on a regular basis.  A great way to facilitate this is through having One-on-One meetings with the people you directly manage.  These are typically Process-oriented Meetings, where there is an exchange of information relevant to your employee's output. 


We find a great meeting cadence to implement is the following:

  • monthly employee wellness meetings (i.e. to include personal goal-setting and eval., what is she doing well, how could she improve, what change would have a beneficial impact on her productivity, etc.)

  • weekly retrospective and planning meetings (i.e. what was accomplished last week, what are the goals for this week, what speed bumps could she run into, etc.)

  • daily stand-up meetings (i.e. are the goals on track, have we run into anything adverse, etc.)

This rhythm provides for high output through effective management, creating an open and focused results-oriented work environment.


How do you set Objectives and measure Key Results when it comes to HR?


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