Micro Blog: Playbook Series Week 3

By Adam Wells - July 27, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team use Playbooks to manage execution in all areas.

Playbook of the Week: Sales Process (Part 1)

Your sales organization should have a codified process that it follows-bottom line.  Process = Predictable Results.  What results do you want as a business owner?  If predictable revenue resonates as a high priority then it all starts with (kind of) the Qualified Lead.  

I say 'kind of' because a Qualified Lead is indicative of a specific Customer persona within a Target Market.  The ability to profile your target Customer means you understand their pain, have a solution that specifically claims to alleviate this pain and provides a gain that will outweigh the expense of the effort, to say the least. 

If this line of thinking sounds familiar then you've given your core offering a significant amount of thought and have had a focused R&D effort to generate this product-this is the true starting point of the Sales Process!  Don't you want to get it into the right hands-that will see the value in your solution?  

So the Qualified Lead means the alignment between Product and Customer; it also means that the Customer has the authority to make the purchasing decision in a typical time box not only appropriate for the organization's size but also one that fits within your vertical.  

Over the coming weeks we'll be previewing each of the sections of GST's Sales Process.  Through these posts you'll see how we've built a process that will allow you to close more deals on a predictable schedule. 

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