Micro Blog: Playbook Series Week 4

By Adam Wells - August 03, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team use Playbooks to manage execution in all areas.

Playbook of the Week: Sales Process (Part 2)

Last week we previewed y'all on the Qualified Lead; this week we'll be moving into the Discovery. 

Discovery can take various forms, from background questions to deep dives, from a 30 minute interview to a 3 month assessment.  In this case we are talking about Customer Discovery in that you will need to understand your specific customer to the extent that you can match your tech solution to their specific need.  

We touched on this previously with the alliterative phrase: Pain, Claim, Gain, as in Customer Pain (need), Your Claim (solution) to the Customer's Gain (ROI).  

Here's why this is important: Business value impact is what will carry your Customer through the Sales Process.  It is their recognition that what you have to offer will not only address their pain, but yield a marked gain.  Your Customer must see the value in your solution, starting at the very beginning of the Sales Process.  

Over the coming weeks we'll be previewing each of the sections of GST's Sales Process.  Through these posts you'll see how we've built a process that will allow you to close more deals on a predictable schedule.


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