Micro Blog: Playbook Series Week 6

By Adam Wells - August 17, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team use Playbooks to manage execution in all areas.

Playbook of the Week: Sales Process (Part 4)

In previous weeks the Qualified Lead, Discovery and Demo were discussed; this week we'll touch on Stakeholder buy-in.  

How many of y'all have had an encouraging introductory meeting, a productive discovery process and a Fantastic! demo...only to hear crickets for the next couple of weeks; What.  Happened?!  

It's imperative to think beyond your present Demo audience and generate leave-behinds that will speak to absent Stakeholders, who may be influencers to your identified Economic Decision Maker.  

So what's important to include in this collateral that you expect your Demo audience to send on to 'The Missing Man' that will stall-out your sales process?  In short-all of the key pieces of the previous weeks' content.  We get into each of the pieces in detail, in our Sales Process.  

Over the coming weeks we'll be previewing each of the sections of GST's Sales Process.  Through these posts you'll see how we've built a process that will allow you to close more deals on a predictable schedule.


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