Micro Blog: Playing the Numbers Series Week 5

By Adam Wells - November 11, 2019


Today, Adam Wells with GSTVC shares with us how he and the GST team take a focused yet wide-net approach to foster predictable success.

Playing the Numbers: Finding the Weak Link

From the Pivot to the Critical Number...and Beyond. 

The results of successful pivoting can improve your unit economics as well as enlarge your market-share. But in many cases it won't do both.  So which will it be, understanding that they may be mutually exclusive.

Review your numbers and then choose what will be your company's Critical Number; this could be Net Revenue Growth, EBITDA, ROIC, or otherwise.  

When rolling up your metrics to one, or two critical numbers, it's still important to scrutinize the data that will feed into this.  It's the old adage, "if a butterfly flaps its wings..."  Sometimes it's the smallest of occurrences that can generate a large unintended impact. 

Whether this happens as the result of something missing or something broken, we call this the Weak Link.  The Weak Link typically presents as an overlooked or undervalued piece of your operational strategy and execution.  

Often times tremendously difficult to pinpoint, the Weak Link, once identified, can readily be addressed and subjected to improved process, workflow and/or functional accountability.

We hope you've enjoyed Playing the Numbers, a look at how you can pull the right levers to stay in your lane; the lane that brings the greatest overall degree of successful outcomes for your company.  Stay tuned for our next Micro Blog Series!

As always, we love hearing from you as to what you're experiencing as you drive growth for your company; please reach out below.

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