Future Tech Leaders (FTL) Internship Program

By Kathryn Haring - December 04, 2020


Golden Section Technology (GST)’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the best chance to succeed in the tech world, to build a great software product, and to scale a company. 

We cherish young innovators and believe in the potential of young college students, especially if they are exposed to the best technologies and processes at the early stage of their career. Therefore, we want to guide innovative young adults while they are still in college. In 2020, we decided to start our first internship program, the Future Tech Leaders Internship Program (FTL), which we will continue in 2021 and beyond. 

Summer internships are a great first step in a young adult's journey as they prepare for the real world. We strive to provide a fertile ground for future generations of software innovators, tech entrepreneurs and tech leadersThe goal of this FTL internship program is to give them the environments, experience and challenges needed to start a path towards a successful career within the growing tech industry. 

GST is a tech company, but also a great campus 

GST is a tech company, but also a great campus for Future Tech Leaders. Through our FTL program, we want to raise up future generation tech leaders, set the stage for them to be successful in their future professional careers. Information transformation is accelerated in every industry, regardless which industry a student choosesand our FTL program will be the first step for the thousand miles journey for those young entrepreneurs and professionals said Isaac Shi, Co-Founder and President at Golden Section Technology. 

Despite COVID-19 and the new remote working place, we “virtually” welcomed a select group of students from Yale, University of Texas, and Rice University. Together they brought their unique experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds to GST. Our “Future Tech Leadership approach for our interns revolved around different ways that we could prepare them for future leadership roles like CIO, CEO and tech company foundersAnd we succeeded! Our former interns have already gained a greater understanding on certain software practices. 

We designed our program to teach a few main categories: 

  • Introduce software development concepts, latest technologies 
  • Application creation processes, project experience 
  • Investment Technical Due Diligence analysis 
  • Best practices in managing a tech company and scaling a tech company 

Business communication and virtual meetings  

Exposure to the real world can be the greatest classroom. Our internship program gives them a taste of the day-to-day life within a company environmentBy having them shadow a team member, they were in the center of the action, able to see how tech projects are being executed in real-time 

Virtual meetings are the new normal of today’s world. Our interns were able to get a vast amount of experience in this new meeting environment, where they learned how to: 

  • Interact with GST’s global staff via Zoom or Microsoft Teams 
  • Sit in on business meeting with clients, and communicate professionally and meaningfully 
  • Support project leaders to deliver releases, reports and results to the clients 

What our interns say 

Lars Fyhr (FTL 2020), our intern from University of Texas, said -- 

My time here in GST has been nothing short of exceptional. While working as an intern for GST, I have been fortunate enough to build upon my prior knowledge tenfold, which served as an utterly amazing experience, even in an online remote format due to the ongoing pandemic.  Some of the most valuable experience came from the meetings that I sat in on and often contributed to, whether they were client pitches or individual meetings with clients to provide support. I am grateful to know that the experience and knowledge that I have acquired working at GST will help tremendously in kickstarting my career in technology.  

Max Yuan (FTL 2020), our intern from Yale University, said -- 

“This FTL Internship program with GST has been an incredibly fulfilling experience that has exposed me to every phase of the software development process. The sheer breadth of opportunities that are available at GST is what makes the program so unique. I've been directly involved in the planning, development, deployment, and maintenance of professional software for our clients, a level of engagement I highly doubt that you could reach interning for a Big Tech company. 

Furthermore, this experience isn't company-specific—you can directly apply everything you learn during this internship to any other technical project. Sprint planning in Asana, resource management in AWS, development with React, and performance monitoring in New Relic are all examples of skills that will benefit me immensely in becoming a future tech leader.” 



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